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Shred the Metaverse

Hitting the waves

A chill collection of 8,888 unique Surferz riding the waves of the Metaverse.

Each PixelSurferz NFT acts as your Access Pass to our website and entire online Ecosystem; our upcoming P2E Surfing game, merch store, and more!

Rumor has it that these bros are soon to be throwing whips and carving up the waves in 3D.

Coming Soon

Snow Covered Trees

Giving Back


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Giving back to the things we believe in is an amazing thing.

Post Mint - We will be running more and more exclusive Eth and NFT Giveaways!!

If you follow our Twitter, you know that people win and we want to continue giving back!

The more we mint out, the more giveaways will come!


Genesis Free Mint:

Pixel Surferz Live Mint! 8,888 unique NFT's, start of the tidal wave of advancement through the Metaverse.

Genesis NFT's are your access Pass for exclusize content, the surf shop, and P2E game.

The Surf Shop

Welcoming Web3 and the online Surf Shop, the Pixel Surferz NFT gated Store. You'll see more about what's coming soon enough.. Going to be rad.


Creation of Pixel Point Metaverse Launch

We are creating Pixel Point, your new Meta Surfing hotspot.

The MetaOcean worldscape will be a massive plot allowing you to ride waves and explore

P2E Surferz Game

The PixelSurferz P2E game will be launched in the Metaverse.

Allowing holders to hit the waves on the blockchain and rake in tokens, which you can choose to stake or not.


The Boss

The Artist

The Brains

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